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Annex Suspended – Making, Building, Selling Mobiles Suspended Art and Wall Hangings

Annex Suspended Mobiles and Suspended Art and Wall Hangings made in Fernie BC Canada

A friend and I recently, about 5 months ago, started making suspended mobiles and wall hangings together. We call it Annex Suspended. I’ve never made mobiles to sell before. It’s a strange thing to enjoy making something, to look beautiful and balanced and imaginative, and to offer that to the world. What you’re offering is a decorative piece of art that, hopefully, someone will connect to like we do.

It’s a tough sell!

But I’m enjoying the challenge. I’m excited to see where this will go and what we will create next. It’s such a fun, creative process and I miss making things with my hands. Plus, my partner Michelle Galway, is a genius with her hands. She can make anything and make it brilliantly.

We started some marketing on Facebook and Instagram. It was good connecting to people we know in town and a few beyond. Then we attended a market at Wapiti Music Festival and it was wonderful seeing reactions and getting feedback. So nice! Better than I expected. Now we’re on Etsy.com selling to the world, or anyone with internet access, and it’s a whole other ball game. I’m always learning and hopefully getting better at this.

Annex Suspended handmade bird wall hanging - brass, wood and felt

In Progress : New Painting “Hold On”

hold on - background and strange size

Tall and thin is not my preferred canvas style but it’s the leftovers from our roll of canvas so sometimes you have to work with something you’re not comfortable with and, I guess, that’s okay. After a few playful experiments with the background, I figured out what I wanted to do. I’m back with hands again! It’s going to be great, though. I’m looking forward to this piece. For me it’s about the things you Hold On to both good and bad – memories, objects, desires etc.

hold on - acrylic on canvas - tall and thin with colourful background hold on - painting in progress - sketches hold on by brina schenk - first hand and finger puppet

Keep an eye on my progress via Instagram @savingknots

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