Shy Girl Character & Story Development

Shy Girl character development - New Friend

After playing around in black and white I decided to give Shy Girl some life (colour) AND a friend. I figure I’ll probably make a few characters to keep Shy Girl busy.

Shy Girl - Hiding In The City shy girl climbing clouds shy girl with mask

In Progress : Underground

brina schenk painting - underground

The colours are so bright and vibrant in this photo! The real painting is a little less so but still quite bright and interesting…strange…weird…and I can’t take my eyes off of it.

Acrylic on canvas
approx 30″ x 30″

In Progress : Freeing My Mind And Hands

brina schenk painting - bird like - feathers - motion

There’s a lot of pressure when you do realistic paintings. Your style, the content and choices to use a reference or not, it’s all overwhelming sometimes. So when I did a few paintings recently where there was no objective – you’re in the moment – I felt so free. Here are some of the latest abstract pieces I’ve begun. They’re certainly not done – let’s see where my brain takes them next.

Brina Schenk painting in progress - abstract - calligraphic brina schenk painting - abstract tree stump

In Progress : Hold On – 8 Hands So Far

brina schenk - painting in progress - hold on - caterpillar on leaf

It’s coming! A few more important details and I’m going to call this painting done.

brina schenk painting - hold on - in progress - acrylic on canvas Brina Schenk - painting in progress - hold on - tall and narrow canvas

In Progress : New Painting “Hold On”

hold on - background and strange size

Tall and thin is not my preferred canvas style but it’s the leftovers from our roll of canvas so sometimes you have to work with something you’re not comfortable with and, I guess, that’s okay. After a few playful experiments with the background, I figured out what I wanted to do. I’m back with hands again! It’s going to be great, though. I’m looking forward to this piece. For me it’s about the things you Hold On to both good and bad – memories, objects, desires etc.

hold on - acrylic on canvas - tall and thin with colourful background hold on - painting in progress - sketches hold on by brina schenk - first hand and finger puppet

Keep an eye on my progress via Instagram @savingknots

Painting Finished : Occupied

occupied - painting by brina schenk - getting started on mrs octopus occupied - painting by brina schenk - almost finished occupied - painting by brina schenk - fixing the octopus

This painting has gone through many stages and yesterday I finally finished it by adding Mrs. Octopus. It’s funny how you think you’ve finished a painting, you take pictures and even find a spot for it on your wall and then you notice something about it. Something you don’t like. You can’t forget about it! I had thought this painting was finished and then there was an Octopus tentacle looking at me every time I walked by it. It just didn’t look right. So I made it right!

In Progress : Pen To Paper : “Choices”

Brina Schenk - Drawing - "choices"

I started this drawing in the winter (2015) and I keep going back to it and adding to it. I’m interested to see all the choices that come out in the open. It’s interesting the things you draw when you don’t draw with a plan. What does it mean?!

In Progress : Underground – 2 1/2′ x 2 1/2′ Painting

brina schenk - painting in progress - undergroundThis is the first time I’ve got out a sketch book and tried to come up with a painting idea before I start painting. I did, however, paint this background first and came up with an idea after staring at it a while. We’ll see if I actually paint what I sketched. I just like the idea of coming up with an idea and trying to execute that instead of my usual fly by the seat of my pants. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see more frequent updates.

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