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Annex Suspended’s February Mobile Art

Annex Suspended Art - Handmade Canadian Mobiles for all ages

Annex Suspended is offering 25% off their newly launched handmade mobiles! Designed, hand crafted and carefully balanced by Michelle and Brina in Fernie, BC Canada. They’re working hard and they’re working fast.

Shop on their website or on Etsy

In Progress : A Wood Geometric Mobile

I have a feeling if I post an image of my progress on a project, I’ll get it done faster. We’ll see if my feelings are felt right.

I’ve been working on this mobile for a while. It just sits there at different stages and when I go into the shop, I just look at it…and then turn away and do something else. I do a lot of looking when I work – and looking doesn’t always mean thinking. Sometimes, I literally just look. The weird thing is, but perhaps not too weird, is I usually figure things out faster when I look and don’t think. Thinking generally gets in the way. I do this with my paintings a lot too. I have them around the house so I can look at them and some day, in some way, I’ll get inspired as to what I need to do next.

Geometric Shape Mobile in progress

Our Living Room Cedar Side Table

living room side table - cedar wood living room side table - cedar logliving room side table - cedar wood

From all angles this side table is eye catching! Rod crafted the small table to match our coffee table (post coming soon) but we have separated them since moving into our new home. I hope they don’t mind. I’m proud of our rustic, old burnt cedar, character driven side table.

It’s In The Family – Bill Schenk’s Kitchen Table Set

original wood kitchen table design original wood kitchen table design

As far as I know my dad designed this kitchen table set and he’s made three of them. This set was made specifically for Rod and I, a really special wedding gift, and it is a replica of the set I grew up with. I feel pretty lucky to have a dad who made us our own kitchen table but I’m also feeling blessed to have such a creative and inspiring dad! He has always impressed me with his wood working talents and, hopefully, one day I can impress him right back.

One day I will also have cushions made for the benches and chairs. One day.

It’s In The Family – Carl Brink’s Wooden Semi Trailer Truck

Just to show you where Rod gets his interest and talents from, Phoenix was given this wooden masterpiece from her “papa” (Grandfather) for Christmas. He mentioned he found but customized the truck design from a book or magazine somewhere. Every time I look at it, I just can’t believe he made it by hand.

Carl Brink - Wooden Semi Trailer Truck Carl Brink - Wooden Semi Trailer Truck Carl Brink - Wooden Semi Trailer Truck

The Cedar Water Bottle Holder

stump water bottle holder stump water bottle holder stump water bottle holder

What a beautiful water bottle holder we have! I know. Thank you.

Rod created this unique water bottle holder out of old cedar and a couple carriage bolts. The tricky part was making a ledge sturdy and level for the heavy water bottle to sit on. With hours of sanding and testing and sanding and testing, it was completed and now it’s a magnificent feature in our home.

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