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Annex Suspended – Making, Building, Selling Mobiles Suspended Art and Wall Hangings

Annex Suspended Mobiles and Suspended Art and Wall Hangings made in Fernie BC Canada

A friend and I recently, about 5 months ago, started making suspended mobiles and wall hangings together. We call it Annex Suspended. I’ve never made mobiles to sell before. It’s a strange thing to enjoy making something, to look beautiful and balanced and imaginative, and to offer that to the world. What you’re offering is a decorative piece of art that, hopefully, someone will connect to like we do.

It’s a tough sell!

But I’m enjoying the challenge. I’m excited to see where this will go and what we will create next. It’s such a fun, creative process and I miss making things with my hands. Plus, my partner Michelle Galway, is a genius with her hands. She can make anything and make it brilliantly.

We started some marketing on Facebook and Instagram. It was good connecting to people we know in town and a few beyond. Then we attended a market at Wapiti Music Festival and it was wonderful seeing reactions and getting feedback. So nice! Better than I expected. Now we’re on selling to the world, or anyone with internet access, and it’s a whole other ball game. I’m always learning and hopefully getting better at this.

Annex Suspended handmade bird wall hanging - brass, wood and felt

Fabric Kleenex Box?

fabric kleenex box or bag

The fact that this reminds me of tea pot cozy makes me wonder how great of an idea this is. I am not a fan of tea cozies because they don’t make sense to me. Fabric Kleenex Boxes don’t make sense either. Kleenex already comes in a box (although, sometimes I really don’t like the design – but does that even matter in the grand scheme of things?) and it’s just kleenex. Alas, here’s a Fabric Kleenex Box.

It did start of as another project, I was trying to make a fabric basket, but it wasn’t strong enough without interfacing. Sometimes you end somewhere you don’t expect to end and that’s alright.

fabric kleenex box or bag

Envelope Pillow Covers With Buttons

pillow covers - envelope with buttons on Saving Knots pillow covers - envelope with buttons on Saving Knots pillow covers - envelope with buttons

It’s been a while since I’ve made Pillow Covers but I had two leftover pillows from the couch set we bought that still needed a new look. The circles fabric was hand painted on old sheets and the houndstooth fabric was purchased a while ago in the discount bin (my favorite). The buttons are a nice touch since the envelope pillow covers I did previously, without buttons, are always popping open.

pillow covers - envelope with buttons on Saving Knots pillow covers - envelope with buttons on Saving Knots

Packaging – Draw String Bags

draw string bags - hand painted, handmade

I like thinking about how I would package products, if I was selling products, and Draw String Bags are a great way to add value. I love that they can be used again. The idea came from a blanket gifted to our little girl and it came in a draw string bag. I now use it in my diaper bag and whenever I see it, I think of that blanket and the company that made it.

These three of these bags are hand stamped or painted. It’s so satisfying making useful things.

A Full Apron Thanks To “Daisy Kingdom”

apron straps - a better design

At Salvation Army I bought a sew-your-own-apron kit for a couple dollars (early 2014) and I always intended on using my own fabrics. Yesterday, I finally did it! My own beautiful Apron.

handmade apron - complimentary fabrics apron straps - stitched design

Here’s the original.

apron kit - daisy kingdom

Two Small Fabric Boxes

fabric bins - bright blues

It’s been a while since I made Fabric Boxes. This time I included fusible interfacing to make it a bit more stiff and sturdy. They’re fun and so easy to make. A time saver tip is to make more than one at a time.


Fabric Envelope – Sealed With A Button

fabric envelope sealed with a button

That’s it! It’s over. The last of this hand painted fabric was used for this Fabric Envelope. It’s quite pretty and I love the button and the black lining. I’m thinking of giving it away to someone special.

fabric envelope sealed with a button - upclose button fabric envelope sealed with a button

Hanging Pouch With Buttons Complete!

hanging pouch with buttons - the front

Oh, how I love pouches. Especially, pouches that hang. You can put things in them! This Hanging Pouch has just one big pouch and no little pockets, like this guy, but the ultimate Hanging Pouch would have buttons, front pockets AND an inside lining. That might bring this design to the next level.

Once again, I was able to use the fabric I painted back in September and I’m a little sad it’s almost gone.

vhanging pouch with buttons - the top hanging pouch with buttons - the button

Hanging Pouch Complete

hanging pouch with painted fabric - canvas

Look where I ended up! With a few tweaks (longer straps and adding a button so you can hang this pouch anywhere) and straighter stitches, I think it’s a beautiful thing. There are three pockets in the front and a big pouch inside. I’m calling it the Hanging Pouch.

There’s a bit more of the painted fabric ready to go…what to do.

I’m Sewing Again!

sewing again - winging it designs

It’s been a couple months since I’ve turned the sewing machine on and yesterday I was just winging it. Does anyone else do this? I just cut and sew and see what happens. I’m using some familiar leftover fabric (from my diaper bag) and I think it might be a Hanging Pouch. We’ll see!

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