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Saving Knot’s Brina Is Now Selling Illustrated Graphic Art Prints On Etsy


I’ve done it. I’ve started something and I can’t go back. You can now purchase a vector file of one of my drawings. It’s editable. Scaleable. Or just plain perfect the way it is. For each vector graphic I offer one black and white print and 3 fun colour combinations. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Enjoy, world!

Packaging – Draw String Bags

draw string bags - hand painted, handmade

I like thinking about how I would package products, if I was selling products, and Draw String Bags are a great way to add value. I love that they can be used again. The idea came from a blanket gifted to our little girl and it came in a draw string bag. I now use it in my diaper bag and whenever I see it, I think of that blanket and the company that made it.

These three of these bags are hand stamped or painted. It’s so satisfying making useful things.

Less Dust

saving knots - product designI’ve been doing a lot of not working on new projects these days. It happens. But the good news is, I cleaned my desk and it looks like the perfect environment for getting stuff done. I may have something to show you soon.

Also, a wise person suggested I start putting a bit of time into designing, on the computer, a little catalogue of products I would like to make…so I’ve been doing that. It’s so easy putting lines together on a computer! The next step would be figuring out how to make them.


Brainstorming notebook, sketchesOne of my favourite things to do is grab a notebook (blank pages) and put all sorts of ideas and sketches down. Quickly. It really gets me all pumped up and wanting to execute. I don’t always get this urge but when it happens, watch out, notebook!

It’s a good thing I used to make stationery. There are a couple boxes of leftovers sitting in my basement just dying to be filled with my brainstorms.

I’ve got great ideas.

Stamped Black Leaf Note Cards

black leaf note cards - stamped

These leaf stamps have been on my desk for a while now and I see them every day and wonder how I’m going to use them. Then I decided to make another set of blank note cards and these leaves were first in my thoughts.

black leaf note cards - signed

Pinterest If You’re Interested

saving knots on pinterest

I started a Pinterest account recently, for a couple different reasons:
1. I’m terrified of my computer crashing down and all the bookmarks I’ve saved will go with it.
2. I might as well have some sort of collection of images, textures, colours, businesses, ideas etc that I like so I can clearly explain (in pictures) the direction I want to take.
3. It’s a great reference for myself.

So, if you want, I am on Pinterest and I have to warn you, I am a bit of a collector.

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