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New Custom Colour Artwork Up In The Shop

I’ve been working hard at getting this online custom art shop up and running. What a crazy process it is! I could spend hours drawing, posting, sharing and updating. I love building a brand and it’s personality, which, in this case, is me!

Here are some of the latest illustrations:


Free Instant Downloadable Art


Every once in a while I’m going to be posting a FREE instantly downloadable art print. For the next 7 days you can download “Unimpressed Giraffe” for free! Use it as a colouring page, edit the colours and print it for your home – the possibilities are endless.

Post your new art on social media and I’ll send you a little present! Don’t forget to tag me. Tag or share with anyone you think might like our unimpressed giraffe. Spread the word!

Putting Eggs In Multiple Baskets


I thought I’d try something, because you get 14 days free, Brina And Friend’s Art now has it’s own website. Again, I’m throwing myself into a whole new world of trying to figure out how to get people to my website. Here we go! What a fun adventure life is.


Saving Knot’s Brina Is Now Selling Illustrated Graphic Art Prints On Etsy


I’ve done it. I’ve started something and I can’t go back. You can now purchase a vector file of one of my drawings. It’s editable. Scaleable. Or just plain perfect the way it is. For each vector graphic I offer one black and white print and 3 fun colour combinations. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Enjoy, world!

Playing With Sunprint

sunprint kit - tiny pictures using sun

Perhaps because my Sunprint Kit is a decade old the prints didn’t turn out so well. I happened upon the Sunprint Kit in one of drawers a couple days ago and took it out so I would remember to use it on the next sunny day. I thought it would be fun for the kids but they wanted nothing to do with it. I, however, made sun prints with my hair, another with some flower petals and, the last and worst, a crusty branch from my garden. Well, I had fun. I love the one with my hair.

sunprint kit - tiny pictures using sun

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