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Saving Knot’s Brina Is Now Selling Illustrated Graphic Art Prints On Etsy


I’ve done it. I’ve started something and I can’t go back. You can now purchase a vector file of one of my drawings. It’s editable. Scaleable. Or just plain perfect the way it is. For each vector graphic I offer one black and white print and 3 fun colour combinations. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Enjoy, world!


Brina Schenk’s Illustrations At The Blue Toque

Watch out, Patrick Markle, Brina Schenk is infiltrating The Blue Toque! I’ve always wanted to have some of my illustrations for sale somewhere and Tanya approached me about displaying some ink work on her walls. Of course I do! How cool is it to meet people who loves your work enough to look at it every day.

I hope to replace artwork as it’s sold. I better keep drawing as these are all originals, not prints.

Moving Forward

Brina Schenk Illustrations - white frames - black and white drawings

I have all these drawings in my house. Tons of them. I’ve been drawing and painting almost every day for along time and my walls, storage and drawers are starting to fill up. Maybe, it’s time I start thinking about what I’m going to do with them all. I certainly can’t part with a few of them yet, we’re still in a relationship, but some of the other ones, I think I should try and say goodbye…or “until we meet again.”

A few white frames were purchased, just to see what some of my illustrations look inside them…and I got even more excited. They look fabulous!

Shy Girl Character & Story Development

Shy Girl character development - New Friend

After playing around in black and white I decided to give Shy Girl some life (colour) AND a friend. I figure I’ll probably make a few characters to keep Shy Girl busy.

Shy Girl - Hiding In The City shy girl climbing clouds shy girl with mask

In Progress : Pen To Paper : “Choices”

Brina Schenk - Drawing - "choices"

I started this drawing in the winter (2015) and I keep going back to it and adding to it. I’m interested to see all the choices that come out in the open. It’s interesting the things you draw when you don’t draw with a plan. What does it mean?!

Pen To Paper : Black & White Series 3

brina schenk - drinking giraffe drawing

I used acrylic paints for the background but drew with a black and white pen. The first attempt was the 3 people (I referenced an old black and white photography book I found at the dump) and I liked the fun white highlights so I tried the giraffe in the same style. The landscape was only white on the colourful background – this is a result of just zoning out.

brina schenk - drawing from and old 1958 black and white photograph brina schenk - mountain landscape drawing - white

Pen To Paper : Quick Sketch With The Flu

quick sketch with the flu

There was not a single bug going around Fernie that I didn’t catch in the last 3 weeks. I’ve had pink eye, chest colds, head colds, throat infections and  lastly, the flu. On top of that I also had some problems with my wisdom tooth.

While unable to sit up more than 5 minutes this weekend, (thank you, flu) I decided to quickly sketch something and I ended up really liking it because it’s a good representation of how I felt. Cold and blurry.

Then I pass out again.

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