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Logo For Local Handmade Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod Business In Fernie BC

Harrison-Edge Cane bamboo fly rods logo - Fernie BC

Have you heard about Harrison-Edge Cane Bamboo Fly Rods in Fernie BC? Peter hand crafts each rod and apparently they’re amazing (I don’t fly fish…but maybe I should). He needed a new logo so I took his scribbles and replicated it on my computer. Done and done.

Brina Schenk’s Illustrations At The Blue Toque

Watch out, Patrick Markle, Brina Schenk is infiltrating The Blue Toque! I’ve always wanted to have some of my illustrations for sale somewhere and Tanya approached me about displaying some ink work on her walls. Of course I do! How cool is it to meet people who loves your work enough to look at it every day.

I hope to replace artwork as it’s sold. I better keep drawing as these are all originals, not prints.

Back At Work…Graphic Work, That Is

I took some time away from my computer while my children needed their mom but now that they’re a little older I’m finding some time to get work done.┬áHere are some samples of work I’ve been doing, in the graphic design world, in the past year.

Fernie Lantern Festival – marketing material
Fernie Seniors – Logo Design
Burma Road Estates – Logo Design
E-Save-The-Date for some friends – local wedding stationery
Bright Beginnings Community Preschool – website and social media

The Hoop Horse – Basketball Net For The Kids


Our little boy has shown an interest in basketball, which is great, but Fernie doesn’t have a sports store and I couldn’t find a basketball net anywhere, especially one for toddlers. We needed to create one ourselves. It’s a good thing we found basketball netting at Canadian Tire, at least, so that made it a little quicker to put together. Rod found scraps of wood around the house to create a net that is adjustable as they grow and he also found a wheel rim in a trash bin for the net. We thought about putting the net alone on a fence post but we also liked the idea of it being portable. Then we saw the sawhorse. It all came together so well. I’m sure one day this backboard will have a horse head painted on it but that might be a rainy day activity and we haven’t had a rainy day in a while.

hoop_horse_scrap_wood hoop horse - scrap wood and rim basketball net

2015 Out Of The Box Dumpster Art Submission – A Glimpse

2015 fernie out of the box dumpster art submissions

Inspired by Mr Men and Little Miss books, I hoped to create a fun, adventurous dumpster. I’ll find out if my submissions was accept around the 20th.

Saving Knots on Instagram

savingknots on instagram

Come find us!

I’ll be sharing some pictures that may or may not interest you.


Life Drawing Class – Drop In

Life Drawing Class - Fernie BC - Warm Up To Final Pose

Going to a dynamic life drawing class is different than sitting down at a table to draw for an hour at home. Anna made sure we all warm up first – something I never do. She reminded us to breathe – apparently, I forget to do this. You’re encouraged to push beyond what you feel comfortable with – instead of getting tired and uninspired so you turn on the TV to watch Last Man On Earth (such a good show, by the way.) It’s a nice way to relax, create, get lost in a feeling and to be okay with what you have on your page.

My friend told me she likes to go home and take an hour to look at what she’s created throughout the class. In looking at your pieces you can see how you want to progress from there. You can see a pattern in what you’ve learned and where you can improve. I should really do that!

brina_life_drawing_movement brina_life_drawing_organic brina_life_drawing_back

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