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Free Instant Downloadable Art


Every once in a while I’m going to be posting a FREE instantly downloadable art print. For the next 7 days you can download “Unimpressed Giraffe” for free! Use it as a colouring page, edit the colours and print it for your home – the possibilities are endless.

Post your new art on social media and I’ll send you a little present! Don’t forget to tag me. Tag or share with anyone you think might like our unimpressed giraffe. Spread the word!

The Hoop Horse – Basketball Net For The Kids


Our little boy has shown an interest in basketball, which is great, but Fernie doesn’t have a sports store and I couldn’t find a basketball net anywhere, especially one for toddlers. We needed to create one ourselves. It’s a good thing we found basketball netting at Canadian Tire, at least, so that made it a little quicker to put together. Rod found scraps of wood around the house to create a net that is adjustable as they grow and he also found a wheel rim in a trash bin for the net. We thought about putting the net alone on a fence post but we also liked the idea of it being portable. Then we saw the sawhorse. It all came together so well. I’m sure one day this backboard will have a horse head painted on it but that might be a rainy day activity and we haven’t had a rainy day in a while.

hoop_horse_scrap_wood hoop horse - scrap wood and rim basketball net

Wall Hooks In Place! Finally.

wall hooks - handmade - on the wall

It’s one thing seeing your completed wall hooks on your desk but it’s a whole other thing seeing them on the wall and being used.

wall hooks - handmade - bedroom wall

In Progress : Children’s Book For Phoenix

children's book in progress - pamela and cocoa

I’ve started rewriting the story one sentence at a time and then going back to the beginning to see how it can improve. I’m not a writer so I’m going to have someone look at it before I start designing the pages. The layout of the book has also begun in thumbnail form. It’s about 20 pages long but making this children’s book involves much more planning and work than I’m used to. My paintings are spontaneous and my wood projects are barely drawn out.

I’m excited to show Phoenix our book when it’s done. I hope she’ll be proud of it one day.

In Progress : Storytelling & Book Making

Story Telling and Book Making

I’ve decided to take on a new challenge/project. It all started when Phoenix asked me to climb into bed with her and tell her a story. I’m not one to make up stories so I was a bit hesitant. I managed to get out a short story and I even kept my little girl on the edge of the bed – not a tough thing to do as she’s a big lover of stories. I decided the next step was to write out the story so I could remember it, and she helped me remember some of the details, and, obviously, next I’ll try and turn it into a book. I’ll illustrate the pages, fix up the writing a bit and design a children’s book just for Phoenix. That’s a pretty cool idea! If I wanted to go the extra mile I could even print it out and produce it all right in my home. I used to make books for people and I really enjoyed it…back when I had time for it.

In Progress : Wood Circles Become Wall Hooks

wood circles - wall hooks - red and white

Not bad! Thanks to Rod for the of the bolt suggestion because this is not what I was initially thinking. I think these Painted Wood Wall Hooks will look great in my little girl’s room after I put some sort of sealer on it.

wood circles - wall hooks - red and white on Saving Knots

In Progress : Wood Circles – Painting Done

painted wood circle progress - wall hooks

I decided to make a series of three red and white wall hooks and two that are bright and colourful. I’d love to just keep adding to both of these groups but there is limited supply of this particular wood scrap. Instead of making the wood knobs, which would magically turn them into wall hooks, Rod suggested using bolts and I’m warming up to the idea. He used bolts back in the day when he made a cedar key hook for our home.

painted wood circle progress - wall hooks

In Progress : Wood Circle Wall Hooks

wood circles to become wall hooks

I made these Wood Circles a couple weeks ago (here) and now I’m starting to play with them. I’m in the process of painting them and the next step is to add a couple hooks so I can put them on my little girl’s bedroom wall. I now need to decide if I’m going to try and make the hooks or buy them. Touch decisions.

Some New Painted Fabric

fabric painting - patterns

I painted some of my natural duck cloth with my new fabric paint colours and I wouldn’t say I was excited or super inspired about what I’ve done so far. Saying that, I’ve felt this way every time I paint anything. But what I do is just leave it around so I can look at it periodically and I fall in love later.

fabric painting - patterns

Fabric Paint Colours Mixed For January

fabric paint colours mixed - january 2015

I’m getting low on my hand painted fabrics (thanks to all the draw string bags and pillows I’ve been making) so I am on a mission to make more. I just mixed a few colours that I’m going to work with. Let’s see where this goes!

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