In Progress : Wood Circle Wall Hooks

wood circles to become wall hooks

I made these Wood Circles a couple weeks ago (here) and now I’m starting to play with them. I’m in the process of painting them and the next step is to add a couple hooks so I can put them on my little girl’s bedroom wall. I now need to decide if I’m going to try and make the hooks or buy them. Touch decisions.


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6 responses to “In Progress : Wood Circle Wall Hooks”

  1. Found This Painted That says :

    I love how you painted them!

  2. Saving Knots says :

    Thanks! I’ve taken them a little further than this but they’re still quite charming.

  3. TheHumbleMuggle says :

    They look superb !!!

  4. anastasiavt says :

    Those patterns are really nice!

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