Air Dry Clay Ghosts

air dry clay ghosts

I’ve been seeing Halloween crafts on Pinterest and Instagram and it’s not even October! What’s with that?! Well, these posts actually reminded me of the accidental Air Dry Clay Ghosts I made last year. I’ve been waiting a while to show them off so I’ll join the crazy group of early Halloweeners and most likely lose sleep at night because of it.

I accidentally made these ghosts by:
1. Rolling out really thin and small pieces of air dry clay
2. Poking holes for eyes. I used the end of my paper spike to make the holes. The clay that gets pushed through the eye holes gives it really nice dimension.
3. Let it dry
4. Make something with them – a mobile, a window hanger, earrings, a mobile. I haven’t done anything with mine yet. I’m thinking mobile, though.


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