A Road Trip To Pincher Creek, Alberta

road trip to pincher creek - bagatelle thrift store in coleman road trip to pincher creek - blairmore alberta mural road trip to pincher creek - best ginger cookie at stone's throw cafe

My good friend Dana Oikawa was home for a few days to visit family and we decided to spend a day together in a place that is half way between Calgary and Fernie. That ended up being Pincher Creek, Alberta. Neither of us had ever spent more than 10 minutes there so we were pleasantly surprised by the four hours spent in this little city. The road trip itself was gorgeous. I ended up at a couple places along the way: Bagatelle Thrift Store in Coleman for $5 bag of clothes (a must) and Stone’s Throw Café in Blairmore (I follow them on twitter and find them to be hilarious so I went in to support the biz) for a quick but delicious lunch.

Once you get passed the round about, where all the big chain stores are) and go downtown you really get a better sense and feeling about Pincher Creek. It’s a lovely town! And it was graduation day so it was very busy. We witnessed an amazing dinner at Green Bamboo Peking House for a girl who had graduated and her whole family was there and everyone gave a speech. It wasn’t until the Grandfather stood up and started talking when I almost started crying. His speech was by far the best and most touching. I’m not sure his Granddaughter felt the power of the speech, she seemed a little embarrassed, but I, unintentionally, got the message.

road trip to pincher creek - amazing blue skies in alberta road trip to pincher creek - creek road trip to pincher creek - more murals


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