Around Fernie : Sparwood, Slippery Worms, Snowy Swing Set

sparwood bc - foggy mountains

sparwood bc – coal train, foggy mountain, vintage playground

and discovering worms

discovering worms

This weekend Fernie was sprinkled with a good layer of snow (fairly common in this area for early May) but that didn’t stop us from going outside. We played with worms, traveled to Sparwood to use their salt water pool (but it was closed so we went home) and played on our new wet swing set.

new swing set - snow in may - old ski chair lift chair

the new swing set to accommodate an old ski lift chair, baby swing and a wooden swing.


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3 responses to “Around Fernie : Sparwood, Slippery Worms, Snowy Swing Set”

  1. Burke Staker says :

    Brina – I am building a 3 person chairlift swing similar to what you have in your yard and have a question. If one person sits on the edge of the swing, does it cause the other end to lift, or do you have to sit in the middle and spread the weight across the chair? I am also hanging my chair with chains and am curious if this is something I need to consider for my design.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Saving Knots says :

      Hi, Burke
      We don’t have that issue at all. The seat is so heavy, it doesn’t effect it at all other than if someone is sitting off to the side, it doesn’t must straight. The only issue we have with our set up is the outside swings. They’re way too close to the posts so if the kids are swinging and don’t go straight, they can easily hit the posts. The ski lift chair itself is great!

      • Burke Staker says :

        Perfect, thank you for your help. I am positioning the chairlift swing 6″ from the posts on each side, hopefully that is enough clearance for the chair to move side-to-side a bit.
        Thanks again.

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