In Progress : Out Of The Box Submission – Sketch

My “Out Of The Box” dumpster art idea is coming together, although a bit late. This is my rough idea that I am submitting (shameful). Hopefully, they’re ok with A LOT of changes from here until painting day.

I’m calling it A Dream Like State of Birds and Their Prey and it is going to depict local birds and their prey doing not so ordinary things. The dumpster will be painted pink with a dripping ice cream like mountain range. Birds are talking, blowing whistles, licking the ice cream, freaking out and then the prey are just going about their business in their own way. It’s a bit detailed but my plan is to do the birds in a loose sketch like drawing and the rest is all solid background colours. I’m doing this on my own so I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. I’m also trying to think of ways to make this easier – for instance, using stencils for the fish swimming in behind the ice cream, air brushing the background etc.

I’m nervous.

dumpster art - fernie bc submission

In Progress : Call For Entry


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