The Subtle Geometric Pillow Cover – Finished!

I am very attracted to subtle, neutral colours right now. Last weekend I bought some clothes and I had to force myself to buy brighter colours because I could see I had filled my quota of beige, white and black. But I do love beige right now. Strange isn’t it? It seems like it would be the most boring colour in the world but I am drawn to it.

Also, a first for me, I created a custom pillow form for this pillow cover because I liked the design but it was small and required a unique pillow form size. Luckily, I had bought some poly fiberfill at the Salvation Army a month ago. Another side note, all the custom textiles I’ve done are printed on sheets that I purchased at local garage sales or thrift stores. Win!

custom textile, geometric shapes, beige

The herringboneish design on the back was a sweet, last minute decision that I won’t regret.

In progress : custom stamp textiles


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2 responses to “The Subtle Geometric Pillow Cover – Finished!”

  1. sindhoooo says :

    It is very beautiful! Subtle is always good, I feel. The bold one’s get out of fashion very soon!

    The Arts & Me

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