A Big Pile Of Pillows

Handmade, printed, designed pillow covers

I’m pretty impressed with my pile of pillows. I’m excited about all the different techniques and styles and I’ve already got a few more ideas/experiments I’m aching to try. I’m also going to challenge myself and try a zipper and maybe add a button to some of the backings of the envelope covers.

Woah. Slow down, Brina.


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2 responses to “A Big Pile Of Pillows”

  1. Emmely says :

    Yes, try a zipper! It’s not as difficult as it appears and you’ll feel so accomplished afterwards. I found this tutorial very useful: http://sewkatiedid.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/zip-to-your-pillow/

  2. savingknots says :

    Perfect! Thanks, Emmely. I know once I do one, I’ll never look back.

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