In Progress : Children’s Book For Phoenix

children's book in progress - pamela and cocoa

I’ve started rewriting the story one sentence at a time and then going back to the beginning to see how it can improve. I’m not a writer so I’m going to have someone look at it before I start designing the pages. The layout of the book has also begun in thumbnail form. It’s about 20 pages long but making this children’s book involves much more planning and work than I’m used to. My paintings are spontaneous and my wood projects are barely drawn out.

I’m excited to show Phoenix our book when it’s done. I hope she’ll be proud of it one day.

In Progress : Storytelling & Book Making

Story Telling and Book Making

I’ve decided to take on a new challenge/project. It all started when Phoenix asked me to climb into bed with her and tell her a story. I’m not one to make up stories so I was a bit hesitant. I managed to get out a short story and I even kept my little girl on the edge of the bed – not a tough thing to do as she’s a big lover of stories. I decided the next step was to write out the story so I could remember it, and she helped me remember some of the details, and, obviously, next I’ll try and turn it into a book. I’ll illustrate the pages, fix up the writing a bit and design a children’s book just for Phoenix. That’s a pretty cool idea! If I wanted to go the extra mile I could even print it out and produce it all right in my home. I used to make books for people and I really enjoyed it…back when I had time for it.

Life Drawing Class – Drop In

Life Drawing Class - Fernie BC - Warm Up To Final Pose

Going to a dynamic life drawing class is different than sitting down at a table to draw for an hour at home. Anna made sure we all warm up first – something I never do. She reminded us to breathe – apparently, I forget to do this. You’re encouraged to push beyond what you feel comfortable with – instead of getting tired and uninspired so you turn on the TV to watch Last Man On Earth (such a good show, by the way.) It’s a nice way to relax, create, get lost in a feeling and to be okay with what you have on your page.

My friend told me she likes to go home and take an hour to look at what she’s created throughout the class. In looking at your pieces you can see how you want to progress from there. You can see a pattern in what you’ve learned and where you can improve. I should really do that!

brina_life_drawing_movement brina_life_drawing_organic brina_life_drawing_back

Paintings : Exploring The Body

brina schenk - quick acrylic paintings

I’m not a big fan of these paintings but I do love that I have been making the time to paint. I learn something new every time I start one.

brina schenk - quick acrylic paintings - female face brina schenk - quick acrylic paintings - female face

Paintings : ‘Water’ Extended

brina schenk - quick paintings - water series

There’s not a lot of time in my day so I’ve been trying to do quick paintings. Watered down acrylics seem to be what I’m attracted to these days, and also practicing the female face and body. I just need to keep going! Keep painting. I think by the time I’m 80 I might feel really good about calling myself a painter.

brina schenk - quick paintings - water series

Admiring All The Layers

beauty in blends - acrylic painting - blending the background

To most, these images of colours and brush strokes are not too exciting, but to me, I adore them. I needed to sit down and paint a bit tonight so I mixed some colours and just started brushing them on the paper, one after another. I’m not going to leave them like this but I wanted to take a moment to admire the surprise textures, colours and blends I was getting. It made me stop to appreciate this initial phase of the paintings – the background. I hope to do a bit of a series with these various backgrounds – we’ll see what happens next.

Sometimes just the act of brushing the paint on the canvas feels important.

beauty in blends - acrylic painting - surprise textures beauty in blends - acrylic painting - contrasts beauty in blends - acrylic painting - subtle changes

In Progress : Massive Canvas – Attraction – Raft Occupant and Castle

massive canvas - attraction - panda on the raft by brina schenk

Finally, someone has occupied one of the three rafts on the Massive Canvas. A panda bear! Now who will take the other two spots?

See my progress on Attraction here.

massive canvas - attraction - castle on the mountain

New Paintings – Themes Of Birth

brina schenk paintings - chick hatching, butterfly hatching

Had some time to focus on a couple quick paintings with my acrylics. I was feeling uninspired so I looked up a few animals in transition, since my little girl is in love with the idea of an egg hatching, and then I tried to paint myself. It doesn’t look like me but I’m not sure it needs to.

brina schenk - self portrait

In Progress : Wood Circles Become Wall Hooks

wood circles - wall hooks - red and white

Not bad! Thanks to Rod for the of the bolt suggestion because this is not what I was initially thinking. I think these Painted Wood Wall Hooks will look great in my little girl’s room after I put some sort of sealer on it.

wood circles - wall hooks - red and white on Saving Knots


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