Admiring All The Layers

beauty in blends - acrylic painting - blending the background

To most, these images of colours and brush strokes are not too exciting, but to me, I adore them. I needed to sit down and paint a bit tonight so I mixed some colours and just started brushing them on the paper, one after another. I’m not going to leave them like this but I wanted to take a moment to admire the surprise textures, colours and blends I was getting. It made me stop to appreciate this initial phase of the paintings – the background. I hope to do a bit of a series with these various backgrounds – we’ll see what happens next.

Sometimes just the act of brushing the paint on the canvas feels important.

beauty in blends - acrylic painting - surprise textures beauty in blends - acrylic painting - contrasts beauty in blends - acrylic painting - subtle changes

In Progress : Massive Canvas – Attraction – Raft Occupant and Castle

massive canvas - attraction - panda on the raft by brina schenk

Finally, someone has occupied one of the three rafts on the Massive Canvas. A panda bear! Now who will take the other two spots?

See my progress on Attraction here.

massive canvas - attraction - castle on the mountain

New Paintings – Themes Of Birth

brina schenk paintings - chick hatching, butterfly hatching

Had some time to focus on a couple quick paintings with my acrylics. I was feeling uninspired so I looked up a few animals in transition, since my little girl is in love with the idea of an egg hatching, and then I tried to paint myself. It doesn’t look like me but I’m not sure it needs to.

brina schenk - self portrait

In Progress : Wood Circles Become Wall Hooks

wood circles - wall hooks - red and white

Not bad! Thanks to Rod for the of the bolt suggestion because this is not what I was initially thinking. I think these Painted Wood Wall Hooks will look great in my little girl’s room after I put some sort of sealer on it.

wood circles - wall hooks - red and white on Saving Knots

Playing With Sunprint

sunprint kit - tiny pictures using sun

Perhaps because my Sunprint Kit is a decade old the prints didn’t turn out so well. I happened upon the Sunprint Kit in one of drawers a couple days ago and took it out so I would remember to use it on the next sunny day. I thought it would be fun for the kids but they wanted nothing to do with it. I, however, made sun prints with my hair, another with some flower petals and, the last and worst, a crusty branch from my garden. Well, I had fun. I love the one with my hair.

sunprint kit - tiny pictures using sun

Marie’s Baby Shower Invite Designs And Party Planning

baby shower invite - cracked egg
I’m quite happy with the simple design I put together for my friend’s baby shower. All the designs were for use online – Facebook event page and a couple sent via email. I carried the cracked egg design from the invite to the Baby Pool forms to the gift packaging. It’s one of my favorite things to do – to carry a theme throughout an event.

The shower was planned by Marie-Helen and I and we split the jobs quite easily and happily. We were a good team! She added beautiful touches like the knitted bands for the candle jars, MH made the cupcakes, did the balloon streamers and even organized a Skype date with a friend back in Montreal.
baby shower invite - basic details for facebook event page
baby shower cupcakes baby shower knitted mason jar bands baby shower white balloon streamers baby shower balloon rain cloud marie's baby pool form

In Progress : Wood Circles – Painting Done

painted wood circle progress - wall hooks

I decided to make a series of three red and white wall hooks and two that are bright and colourful. I’d love to just keep adding to both of these groups but there is limited supply of this particular wood scrap. Instead of making the wood knobs, which would magically turn them into wall hooks, Rod suggested using bolts and I’m warming up to the idea. He used bolts back in the day when he made a cedar key hook for our home.

painted wood circle progress - wall hooks

In Progress : Wood Circle Wall Hooks

wood circles to become wall hooks

I made these Wood Circles a couple weeks ago (here) and now I’m starting to play with them. I’m in the process of painting them and the next step is to add a couple hooks so I can put them on my little girl’s bedroom wall. I now need to decide if I’m going to try and make the hooks or buy them. Touch decisions.

Quick Painting : Girl’s Face

brina schenk - girl's face - practice painting

I need to paint every day. To warm up. To learn new things. To keep painting!


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