In Progress : Pen To Paper : “Choices”

Brina Schenk - Drawing - "choices"

I started this drawing in the winter (2015) and I keep going back to it and adding to it. I’m interested to see all the choices that come out in the open. It’s interesting the things you draw when you don’t draw with a plan. What does it mean?!

In Progress : Underground – 2 1/2′ x 2 1/2′ Painting

brina schenk - painting in progress - undergroundThis is the first time I’ve got out a sketch book and tried to come up with a painting idea before I start painting. I did, however, paint this background first and came up with an idea after staring at it a while. We’ll see if I actually paint what I sketched. I just like the idea of coming up with an idea and trying to execute that instead of my usual fly by the seat of my pants. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see more frequent updates.

A Family Portrait Of Birds

brina schenk acrylic painting - family portrait of birds

I’ve been running out of canvases so I took a painting out of Phoenix’s room and asked her what I could paint for her (I didn’t like the old painting) and she asked for birds. So I painted a family portrait using local birds. Roman is a mallard because he is mad for water, Rod is a chickadee because he’s fast and likes all seasons, I am a red wing blackbird because I love it’s song and Phoenix is a blue jay because she squawks and makes lots of noise, she’s bold and beautiful.

There’s a painting in Roman’s room too but I’m not sure I’m ready to paint over it just yet.

To see my painting process, check out

The Last Life Drawing Class – Playing With Ink

brina - life drawing class - ink

Last night was the last Life Drawing Class and we were going to try longer poses (5-20 minutes, instead of 30 seconds to 5 mins), so I thought I’d put the charcoal aside and give ink a try. It was much more playful and fun for me.

brina - life drawing class - ink

In Progress : ‘Occupy’ Acrylic Painting


It’s funny how you can think you’re finished with a painting and then realize it was only the beginning. I had posted this painting (flower explosion) months ago and put it to the side, not on a wall or anything, but almost subconsciously left it out to have it in sight. I never really liked it and maybe I thought I would paint over it…and then this happened. I’m calling it Occupy. Mrs Frog, Mr Turtle and Snail have claimed this rock as their own…little do they know Mrs Octopus has her eye on the prized rock. Octopus is coming next.

occupy - acrylic painting in progress - mrs frog occupy - acrylic painting in progress - mrs frog Snail and Mr turtle

The Hoop Horse – Basketball Net For The Kids


Our little boy has shown an interest in basketball, which is great, but Fernie doesn’t have a sports store and I couldn’t find a basketball net anywhere, especially one for toddlers. We needed to create one ourselves. It’s a good thing we found basketball netting at Canadian Tire, at least, so that made it a little quicker to put together. Rod found scraps of wood around the house to create a net that is adjustable as they grow and he also found a wheel rim in a trash bin for the net. We thought about putting the net alone on a fence post but we also liked the idea of it being portable. Then we saw the sawhorse. It all came together so well. I’m sure one day this backboard will have a horse head painted on it but that might be a rainy day activity and we haven’t had a rainy day in a while.

hoop_horse_scrap_wood hoop horse - scrap wood and rim basketball net

2015 Out Of The Box Dumpster Art Submission – A Glimpse

2015 fernie out of the box dumpster art submissions

Inspired by Mr Men and Little Miss books, I hoped to create a fun, adventurous dumpster. I’ll find out if my submissions was accept around the 20th.


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