Wild Flower Carrier Complete!

Well, almost complete! I just want to add a longer string so I can hang it because I think it’s beautiful enough to put on my wall until those flowers start blossoming.

hand painted wild flower carrier hand painted wild flower carrier

In progress : Sewing
In progress : Driftwood Handles

In progress : Stenciling Fabric

Pen To Paper : Me. Ow.

brina l schenk - me ow

It’s not fooling me!

Pen To Paper : Meeting Of The Bugs

brina l schenk - illustrations

They’re up to no good.

Pen To Paper : I’m Scared Of This Lady

I’m starting a new series called Pen to Paper. I’ll just be posting a quick drawing I do. Not every day! That’s crazy. Or is it?!

brina l schenk - lady drawing

In Progress : Wild Flower Carrier – Fabric and Sticks Ready

wild flower carrier - textiles and driftwood

My Wild Flower Carrier is almost complete! The driftwood sticks have been painted and sanded and the custom stencil textile has been reinforced and sewed. I just need to attach them with rope and I’m done! Let the wild flowers start blooming.

In progress : Driftwood Handles
In progress : Stenciling Fabric

In Progress : Mobile City

wood mobile in progress - city scape

I’m calling it “Mobile City” right now but it may not look like a city in the end…but maybe it will! Whatever it’s going to end up as, I’m loving it so far.

Scraps of wood from this old tv stand Rod altered a few weeks ago are being used for the mobile. It was designed for the corner of a room and we wanted it flat against the wall. We solved that problem!

A Trip To Invermere BC

The family had a lovely time in Invermere, BC this weekend. Visited friends and went for coffee (at Kicking Horse Coffee The Cafe) and had a really great falafel dinner at Safta’s. The drive from Fernie to Invermere, in itself, is a beautiful 2 hour drive. Here are a few shots that stick out from the rest.

weekend in invermere weekend in invermere weekend in invermere weekend in invermere


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