For My Ears : FILMLOOM

FILMLOOM - music to my ears


I used to love finding new bands that write beautiful music…and here’s my attempt and getting back into it. I just found out about FILMLOOM through a music blog and the first song I heard, Sur(reality), just had me wanting to tell you about it. I just might play it again and again and again…until nap time is over. Have a listen at

Pen To Paper : Connect The Dots

doodle - connecting dots to make pictures

Some ink came through the previous page and so I connected the dots and made these little creatures. They’re familiar but something is a little off…

Play Table – Up Close And Personal

play table close up - lake and beach

It’s not finished, the project as a whole, but I do think I’m almost done the Play Table. The buildings, on the other hand, need more work. But I still thought I’d show you some close-ups because it’s just too awesome.

play table close up - city park and forest play table close up - downtown and houses play table close up - farm land play table close up - ski hill, mountains

Click to see the process of making the Play Table.

In Progress : Play Table – Penciling In The Town

penciling in the mountains - play table

I got started on the actual Play Table layout today. The mountains and roads are penciled in (Rod gave me the brilliant idea of drilling two holes in a piece of wood and sticking pencils in in order to make perfect parallel lines for the roads). I also sanded down the lake and the rivers to make them a little 3D. Pretty cool.

penciling in the roads - play table play table - sanding down the lake

Click to see the process of making the Play Table.

In Progress : Play Table Wood Buildings

wood play buildings for play table

I think I might have too many projects on the go. Play Table, Dollhouse Beds, Macrame Hangers, Acrylic Painting and I have had these side tables in the storage room for a long time just waiting to be finished. But today, I decided to make some wood city buildings and houses for the Play Table. I even cut out a barn for the farm. Next, I’ll be painting the buildings and the city layout on the Play Table with bright and beautiful colours. It will be a lot of work but I have a feeling the end result will be brilliant.

scrap wood project, play table, wood buildings

Click to see the process of making the Play Table.

Blooming Flowers

blooming flowers - summer time blooming flowers - summer time

Every day I go out into the backyard and check on what has bloomed or not bloomed. I feel as though I have been patient with my flowers but it’s August and these buds have been there for, what feels like, months (only weeks). As much as I enjoy the rewards from the vegetable garden, I fully appreciate the beauty of a blooming flower.

blooming flowers - marigolds

Around Fernie : Fort Steele Heritage Town

fort steele heritage town fort steele heritage town

Having parents visit gives us a good excuse to go places we haven’t been yet. So last week we took the day to visit Fort Steele Heritage Town. It was a great day trip with the kids and grandparents. We ate ice cream, enjoyed the animals, took a wagon ride and enjoyed the beautiful grounds. The trees in this place were big and lush. I could have just put a blanket under one of them and stayed there all day.

fort steele heritage town fort steele heritage town fort steele heritage town


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