New Stationery – Balloon Stamped Cards

hand carved balloon stamp note cards - blank card and envelope set

If you knew my daughter you would understand why I cut myself a balloon stamp.

I’m not going to lie, it was much more fun to work with than I thought it would be. I made note card and envelope sets to send out to family and friends for the new year.

Pen To Paper : Women

brina drawings - women

I’ve been working on some drawings of different women.

They’re looking a bit terrified but I was going for confident.

New Stationery – Brown Stamped Cards

brown stamped cards - custom stamps

I need to make cards. It’s in my blood. Here are some brown stamped cards I made from the stamps I carved.

Clay Plant Hanger – Amazing

air dry clay plant hanger - succulent

There was a chunk of air hardening clay leftover so I rolled some out, poked four holes in it and placed it in a bowl to help mould it. Once it was sufficiently dry, I drew on it. Then I put some string and beads (saved from an old necklace) through it and voilà! An awesome Clay Plant Hanger!

air dry clay plant hanger - beadsair dry clay plant hanger - hand drawn air dry clay plant hanger - string, beads and succulent

Free Mind Painting

free mind painting - brina l schenk

I needed to clear my mind so I did this. It was a pleasant experience.

Air Hardening Clay Ornaments

homemade christmas ornaments

Every year I try and make my kids a Christmas ornament, to carry on my mother’s tradition, and this year I made these little air dry clay discs and once it hardened, I added a little custom design and their initials. They’re cute. So are the ornaments.

For My Ears : St Vincent

st vincent music

s t  v i n c e n t

St Vincent’s St Vincent received the #1 album of the year award on some website and I thought YEAH it’s good. The first time I really took notice to her new album was just after I saw her on Saturday Night Live. I was mesmerized by the performance. Enjoy!

In Progress : Massive Canvas – Dolphins

massive canvas painting progress

Ever paint something, even if it’s a tiny part of a large painting, and been so excited about it? Because it turned out way better than you’d expected it to? I did that this weekend. I painted these dolphins swimming towards the island and I thought it looked great.

I think this painting is going to be one of those projects that takes a long time to complete. I keep working on it little by little by little….by little.

Take a look at my progress here.

Around Fernie : Morning After The Winter Storm

fernie bc - winter storm plowing snow

Rod couldn’t have been happier taking care of the snow that accumulated over night. He also helped our neighbours and anyone else that was struggling with their shovels. He’s a good man but I know that deep, deep, down, the real reason he was out there helping everyone was because he loves to plow.


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