In Progress : Tray Transformation – Almost Done…

bamboo tray - transformation - almost done

I don’t know. Well, I do know that this isn’t greatness, my initial goal, and my process to even get to this point was MESSY. I found it quite hard to choose exactly what I wanted and I also find it hard knowing when to stop. What I wish I could do is go back to the very first thing I painted, it was simple, clean and only a couple brush strokes. But painting is not like working in Adobe Illustrator – you can’t go back.

I didn’t think I was much of a landscape painter.

It’s not done but it’s at a place where I can set it aside and stare at it some more.

In Progress : Bamboo Tray

Finished! Circle Punch Mobile Has Found A Home

circle punch mobile - hanging

I’ve been wanting to hang something above our stairway (in the future I’ll try and make something that has a little more impact) and this Circle Punch Mobile is just the thing. It was fun to make, although pretty small. I tried hanging the mobile in other locations of the house but every place I tried was within reach of the little children’s hands. It needed to be hung high.

In Progress : Circle Punch Mobile Begins

In Progress : Circle Punch Mobile

circle punch mobile - old calendars and watercolour artcircle punch mobile - in progress

I’ve been meaning to do a circle mobile like this for a while – ever since I punched out all these circles (and much more) from old calendars, print work and watercolour art – and now I’m procrastinating (the bamboo tray painting) and I thought to myself “what better time than now!”

Mobiles rock.

In Progress : Tray Transformation – White

bamboo tray - painted white - blank canvas

I now have a blank canvas to create whatever I like on this bamboo tray. The hardest part is deciding what to paint. Let me just stare at it a little while.

Part 1 – Before

In Progress : Tray Transformation

painting, tray, decor, transform

I found this bamboo tray at the Reuse Centre (at the Fernie dump) and thought maybe one day I could turn this into something I might like to see on a daily basis. Well, today is the day we find out if I can do just that. I’m not taking it apart, because it’s too frail for that, so instead I’m painting on top of the plastic cover. Wish me luck as I’m aiming for greatness.

Original Charcoal Stationery

charcoal animal stationery

These quick charcoal animal drawings on blank cards (cut and scored a long time ago) are so cool, I want to keep them all. A chickadee, moose, bear and crow are all going to be sent to a few non-online family members – just for fun. I’m going to have to put a little note to beware of the charcoal as it can get messy super fast.

My Girl Is Learning To Draw

Child learning to draw

A very exciting thing is happening in our household. My little three year old is not just wanting to draw but learning how to draw. For three years she has barely been interested in putting anything on paper and I tried to be very patient about it…but now I can see her trying to draw objects and using lines instead of 3 second scribbles and then off to the next activity. She’s growing up and it’s so exciting to watch.

Sugar Cookies For My Little 3 Year Old

Sugar cookies, icing, birthday

Tomorrow Phoenix turns three. We are so blessed to have such an amazing little person in our lives and we get to be with her every day. There’s so much I want to say to her and do for her but she just wouldn’t understand yet…so I made her sugar cookies. It’s a gesture she appreciates and understands. She knows I made them just for her because she is special to us.

They look like they were decorated by a three year old but I did them. Don’t worry. I won’t quit my day job.

Pen To Paper : Feelings

illustrating feelings, emotions,

I sat down and thought about my emotions these days and this is what I drew.

For My Ears : FILMLOOM

FILMLOOM - music to my ears


I used to love finding new bands that write beautiful music…and here’s my attempt and getting back into it. I just found out about FILMLOOM through a music blog and the first song I heard, Sur(reality), just had me wanting to tell you about it. I just might play it again and again and again…until nap time is over. Have a listen at


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