In Progress : A Massive Canvas – Stage 2

massive painting canvas - in progress

My Massive Painting Canvas is starting to reveal it’s personality.

See previous stages.

In Progress : Fernie Lantern Festival – Balloon Lanterns

lantern festival - balloon and tissue paper lanterns

I see about 50 of these white Balloon Lanterns with black stars on them at the entry way of the Fernie Lantern Festival. All hung in the trees. So lovely.

So far, I have only put on a couple layers of tissue paper. I still have a couple more layers to go. Then I need to figure out how to put the stars on it (I’m thinking stamps or marker) and then they need to be turned into lanterns. And only a month before the Lantern Festival!

In Progress : Fernie Lantern Festival – Lantern Building

lantern festival - lantern building

Once again, I’ve volunteered to help out the Fernie Lantern Festival and, once again, I’m overwhelmed by how time consuming it is to make a big, awesome lantern. This year’s theme is Northern Lights (Antarctic) and I really want to make a bunch of penguins. This is just the structure of ONE penguin…OH BOY.

In Progress : A Massive Canvas

large painting canvas

Rod and I finished making this painting canvas a couple nights ago and it’s HUGE. It’s about 3.5 feet x 4.5 feet and I have no idea what I’m going to paint on it. How exciting!

Pen To Paper : Hand Drawn Note Cards And Envelopes

pen to paper : original hand drawn stationery

Four amazing sets of Illustrated Note Cards and Envelopes, I must say so myself. I must draw more often!

Once I glue and finish these sets, who do I send these cards to?

New Painting : House On The Hill

brina l schenk - house on a hill

I think this conveys my desire for a little quiet. Life gets a little too hectic for me sometimes and I just want to slow things down – just live in a small house on a hill.

House On The Hill
Acrylic on Canvas Board
18″ x 14″

Pen To Paper : Three Hand Drawn Envelope Designs

three hand drawn illustrated envelope designs

Back in the day I used to make Wedding Stationery, a little company called Blue Skies & Daisies, and during that time we went to visit a print shop to get quotes on custom stationery and they gave us samples of fresh cut blank Square Envelopes (you can’t see it in the photo but it’s some sort of thin kraft paper). Today I drew on them. Thanks, Print Shop!

It’s hard to see but the three envelopes, in the above photo, are in different stages.
left: scored but flat
middle: scored and folded – ready for gluing
right: not yet scored

Illustrated Mugs & Cups Envelope – Done!

illustrated mugs and cups - brown envelope illustrated mugs and cups - brown envelope

With some extra strength glue and a lot of weight on top of it, the square Mugs & Cups envelope finally became an envelope. Well, then there was the issue of sealing the envelope, so I punched a couple holes and inserted a paper fastener. It’s brilliant but a lot of work went into this one envelope.

Pen To Paper : Cups & Mugs Illustration Envelope

brown paper mugs and cups illustration - soon to be a square envelope.

I had this idea to create a large sheet of illustrated mugs and cups and as I finished a small section of the large sheet I realized I wanted to make envelopes. One idea almost always ends up with another idea. So here are the illustrated mugs & cups (a bit blurry, sorry) and my envelope template. It’s going to be amazing. Next I’ll try to make an envelope that will fit my 6×4 note cards because that would be a sweet set.

Pen To Paper : Random Illustrations on Note Cards

brina schenk illustrated cards - hand drawn

When I get into something, I really get into it. Five more note card designs done during nap time!

Also, I’m enjoying my new pen.

I do apologize for the poor quality photos. I’m too lazy to get out my digital camera. But to clarify, that is a squirrel running up the tree (on the bottom right).


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