India Ink Painting Today

India ink painting - flowers - Brina l schenk

India Ink Painting Continued…

India ink painting - experimenting

So, I didn’t believe one of the India Ink painting was complete. I continued working on it after I posted the last post and this is where we are now. Interesting. No?

India ink painting - before and after

Painting With India Ink

India ink - water colour painting - black and white

India Ink is one of my favourite paints to experiment with. It does the most striking blending and brilliant contrasts. Today I found some time to get a few playful paintings out of my system.

India ink painting - experimenting

India ink painting - experimenting

In Progress : Macrame – Hanging Two Tiered Clay Bowls

macrame, wool string, air dry clay

These air dry bowls were made months and months ago and they just sat there waiting…waiting…waiting…for something to happen. Yesterday they finally found a home in this adorable two tiered macrame hanger. It’s amazing. It’s so small, it doesn’t have much use, but it’s still special.

Macrame – the possibilities are endless.

macrame - two tiered clay bowls

In Progress : Learning Macrame – Hanging Wooden Box

macrame a wooden box - hanging box

Well, I am having so much fun learning macrame techniques (learning by experience), I thought I would just keep going. Remember these boxes? I thought I’d give a rectangle design a go and see where it takes me. I’ll have you know, it took me to awesomeville.

I’m a bit sloppy still with my tightness and overall everything but if I keep going, I’ll be better and better every day. I just need to find more things to hang…

In Progress : Learning Macrame – String Plant Hanger

macrame - string plant hanger - glass votive

Macrame : something I have been wanting to try for a long time but I just hadn’t got around to it. Well, this morning I gave it a go. I should have looked online for a tutorial of sorts but I relied on my unreliable memory of a video I watched months ago. This is what I ended up with and it took about 30 minutes. Probably 25 minutes longer than it should have. But I’m going to give it another go because I have three of these glass votive holders. Two more to go.

The glass is empty (not 0% full) but I am thinking a nice air plant would look great in this. Perhaps, in the bathroom.

macrame - string plant hanger - glass votive

Around Fernie – Yarn Bomb

Yarn bomb - rotary park in fernie bc

I had nothing to do with this but I thought it was really fun, nonetheless.

Found in Rotary Park in Fernie, B.C.

Around Fernie – Wildflower Arrangements

Picking wildflowers, flower arranging

Painting Our PVC Outdoor Blinds

Painted design on exterior blinds

With leftover paints from the dumpster painting I decided our new boring blinds needed a little something extra – to make it extraordinary. ┬áSo I painted them and it’s amazing what a bit of paint can do.
Painted stripes on deck blinds

Around Fernie : At Our Home

Trampoline, stuffed animals, jumpingGrowing lettuce and carrotsOne year old - doing stairs Outdoor plant - ceramic pot - about to bloom


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